What we do

We build clinical study experiences

We put ourselves in patients’ shoes, mapping out their entire patient recruitment and retention experience from start to finish. This helps us identify obstacles and come up with creative answers. By fixing these little things, we can make a big difference, helping to get more patients involved in your studies and helping them stay involved once they’ve signed up.

We connect with patients

We draw on the creative skills of Havas Lynx, Cannes Healthcare Agency of the Year 2018, to create campaigns and communications that connect with potential patients. Working in digital and traditional media, we find people, engage them and prescreen them, helping you start relevant conversations with potential patients.

We support patients

Finding patients is just the first step. The next vital step is to make sure they feel supported and valued all the way through to randomization. We provide the helpful, practical technology and useful services you need to make patients feel looked after.

We retain patients

When you’ve worked so hard to get patients on to studies, the last thing you want to do is let them down. Our approach can make all the difference. By designing clinical study experiences around patients, we can help you find all the little things that show them just how highly valued they are.

We talk with patients

Whether your patients prefer handy, easy to use apps or good old-fashioned paper guides, we have the award-winning skills to communicate quickly and powerfully. And, because we’re a global company, we can help you talk to patients anywhere in the world.