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Faze1 System

Supporting patients all the way through to randomization

The LOIS ICD Clinical Trial

Taking patient recruitment to heart for a digital therapeutic.

Patient centricity on trial

Clinical trials are broken and only patients can help us fix them, if we let them.

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Health For All: Stories Matter

Stories matter. They bind people together, create a sense of connection, and engage our thoughts, emotions, and imagination all at once. They show us other people’s perspectives and let us imagine what it is to…

Patient recruitment for COVID trials

Recently, the UK’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, appealed for more volunteers for COVID-19 clinical trials due to patient recruitment concerns.  He explained that “the bigger the trials, the better…

Patient Centricity on Trial focus group

To improve healthcare and ensure the best treatments are reaching the right patients, we need clinical trials. They are not only fundamental in research and development, but also provide hope and support to patients and…