Faze1 System

Using Faze1 patient referral management to support patients through to randomization

The problem

In clinical trials communicating directly with patients can be an ongoing challenge. The burden and fatigue on the sites caused by ineligible patient referrals is a real one as patients are often to be found to be not accurately diagnosed to the required levels for inclusion. To compound these challenges, in the US, the programme was seeing over 80% of eligible patients being lost to follow up after being referred to the site with no way of tracking what was happening or why. 

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The solution

To overcome these challenges, we implemented the Faze1 system and supporting patient engagement team across 14 countries. 

  • Faze1 patient referral management system was installed with study sites across the world with site teams, the CRO and sponsor all able to track and report patient outcomes. 
  • Pre-screener validation performed by the Faze1 patient engagement team called patients to ensure only eligible referrals were being sent to sites. 
  • Ongoing communications via phone, email and SMS  
  • Sites supported directly by managing patient communications and follow up  
  • Real-time visibility of referral status and outcomes  
The impact
  • 95% of patient referrals were successfully referred to site thanks to pre-screener validation.  
  • Accurate real time reporting on the status of patient referrals.  
  • In the US, the number of patients lost to follow up fell to 15%.  
  • No patient who registered their interest in taking part were forgotten and study sites were confident in the quality of referrals coming through the Faze1 system and team. 
Other Case Studies
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