Schizophrenia 24×7

Schizophrenia 24×7

Challenge & approach

Schizophrenia affects approximately one person in every hundred, with almost 80% failing to adhere to their medication.

We started by gaining a better understanding of our patients, identifying their barriers to treatment compliance. With this insight we aimed to deliver a seamless patient support programme, aligned to their needs and lives, to influence their behaviour.

We developed strategic online tools and traditional print materials we were able to support patients, improve outcomes and empower patients to share experiences, influencing and supporting others in the same situation.


Over a million patients influenced worldwide in 23 languages, with 20% completing a significant adherence activity. There was a 58% decrease seen in the number of hospital referrals across the Maintaining Adherence Programme. This exceeded expectations, truly transforming the lives of people affected by schizophrenia.